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Memory Garden at Andy’s House

This year we celebrated ten years of business growth in Muskoka Lakes, and we wanted to extend our appreciation to the community we live and work in. We decided that the most fitting gesture was the creation of a Memory Garden at Andy’s House Hospice in Port Carling, and we launched ‘Plant It Forward’, raising funds to build a restful place beautifully landscaped and planted. For every dollar value donated through our coupon program to the creation of the Memory Garden, Bala and Port Carling Garden Centres will donate the equivalent value to the costs of building the garden.



Andy’s House is a project of the Andy Potts Memorial Foundation, honouring OPP officer, Andy Potts, who was tragically killed on duty. The residential hospice will be in a park-like setting overlooking Indian River, in the village of Port Carling, offering palliative care in a homey setting. The Memorial Garden will be a place for families to gather together and find solace in nature’s bounty.