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Our online pick list lets you see the plants that you’d like to have in the gardens of your cottage, home, or business location. You can easily browse through our selection, make your choices, and submit your list. We prepare your order, and we can deliver the plants and even organize the planting for you if you’d prefer. We are sure that this will help to make planning your gardens a pleasurable undertaking, offering both inspiration and convenience.

Ageratum is such a little workhorse that nearly every garden should have some. This annual is an easy-to-grow, old-fashioned favorite that produces a steady show of colorful powder-pufflike flowers from late spring through frost. It's also rarely bothered by pests, so you count on it to look good. Plus, it provides some of the truest…
bacopa pink
• Successful series of 12 varieties in a rich color range; including bi-colors Bomba – flower size comparable to Calibrachoa flower • Five XXL flower size varieties incl. one double flower • The entire series has been devided by the size of the flowers (Bomba, XXL, XL & Medium( Good basal branching and easy to root…
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